CBD Skin Care Goddess Sativa

  • According to recent studies, CBD is known to be a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient, a fabulous skincare additive.
  • Every one of our Goddess Sativa products is deeply infused with full spectrum cannabinoid oil, enriching your skin with hemp’s natural benefits. To enhance the experience, leaving your skin refreshed, revitalized and glowing, we’ve combined our special formula with ingredients such as arnica extract, rosemary oil, almond oil and shea butter.
  • The product is made on GMP registered facility in the European Union.

Current range:

  • CBD Facial Peeling Mask with Argan Oil
  • CBD Hand cream for dry hands
  • CBD Moisturizing day cream
  • CBD Nourishing night cream
  • CBD Massage oil for muscle relief
  • CBD Massage oil with endorphin
  • CBD Body butter
  • CBD Body butter for dry skin
  • CBD Muscle relief warming gel
  • CBD Muscle relief cooling gel

Wholesale Options:

  • Goddess Sativa CBD Skin Car
  • White Label CBD Skin Care

Goddess Sativa CBD skin care range

CBD Facial Peeling Mask with Argan Oil
Hand cream for dry hands 450mg CBD, 100 ml
Massage Oil Muscle Relief 500 mg CBD, 200 ml
Massage Oil Anti-stress 500 mg CBD, 200 ml
Moisturising Day Face Cream 500 mg CBD, 50 ml
Nourishing Night Face Cream 500 mg
Muscle Relief Cooling Gel 500 mg CBD, 100 ml
Muscle Relief Warming Gel 500 mg CBD, 100 ml
Body Butter Vanilla Milk Cream 450 mg
Body Butter for Dry Skin Pomegranate 450 mg
Hemp CBD Gel Capsules
CBD oil sprays