Process Biomass & Manufacture Your CBD Products with Confidence

Reakiro is a leading European HACCP/GMP licensed manufacturer and supplier of full & broad-spectrum CBD oils, capsules, and skincare, controlling every step of the production process from seed to sale.

Operating a 2,000 sq/m state-of-the-art facility, Reakiro boasts expertise in extraction and further processing of hemp, guaranteeing accurate formulation, product excellence and quality packaging.

Reakiro Holdings proudly owns two extraction and manufacturing facilities in Poland, Europe and California, USA.

Key Process Stages in Details


Cryogenic Ethanol Extraction


Turning Plant to Oil

Ethanol Extraction

Before extraction biomass is chilled to -20 degree Celsius and ethanol is chilled to -40 degree Celsius. As a result we capture all minor cannabinoids but leave much of the non-target material, such as lipids, in the plant material. The initial extraction is followed by solvent recovery process. We conduct extraction with food-grade ethanol, which is retained within the closed-loop system.




Preparing the Extract for Distillation


Decarboxylation is the process of activating compounds in cannabis. The two main catalysts for decarboxylation are heat and time. During decarboxylation CBDa turns into the active compound CBD. The heat causes the acid in the cannabinoids (the “a” in CBDa), to release a carbon dioxide molecule, changing its chemical formula from CBDa to CBD.


Short Path Distillation


Refining the Extract and Increasing CBD Potency


A separation processes used for thermally sensitive products. This involves the technique of passing CBD extract along a short distance at high temperature under vacuum conditions to refine CBD concentration. CBD distillate typically contains more than 50% CBD including a balance of minor cannabinoids, terpenes and natural plant minerals.


Liquid Chromatography Separation


Separating and Removing THC from Extract

Liquid Chromatography Separation

Preparative chromatography is the method of separation and purification to refine target compounds. It allows us to achieve sufficient quantities of a specific substance from a mixed solution. The method has been routinely used and validated in the pharmaceutical space for isolation of small molecules. This technology helps us to significantly reduce the concentration of psychoactive THC in CBD distillate.


Formulation & Final Production


Packaging the Extract for Final Sale

Final Production

Reakiro is set-up to provide turnkey solutions for the production of final products including tincture, soft gel capsules, packaging materials and much more. Choose from a range of carrier oils available including organic certified hemp seed oil and coconut-derived MCT and access our portfolio of superior packaging materials.

What to Expect from Your Biomass


Projected Losses

Projected losses during


Extraction = ~ 20%

Projected losses during


Decarboxylation = ~ 10%

Projected losses during


Distillation = ~ 10%

Projected losses during


THC Reduction = ~ 10%

Practical Example:

If biomass contains 5% total CBD (CBDA x 0.877 + CBD = total CBD), this is equal to:

50,000,000 milligrams (or 50,000 grams) of total CBD per 1 tonne of biomass (1,000 kilograms)

If extracting 1 tonne of biomass containing 5% total CBD, the impact of projected losses would equal:

~ 40,000,000 milligrams of total CBD after anticipated losses during Extraction

~ 38,000,000 milligrams of total CBD after anticipated losses during Decarboxylation

~ 34,200,000 milligrams of total CBD after anticipated losses during Distillation

~ 30,780,000 milligrams of total CBD after anticipated losses during THC reduction

*Projection only. Actual results will vary