Raw Hemp Extract RxPen – 1000mg CBD + CBDa (15%)

  • Pure Extract full of all original Lipids, Terpenes and Cannabinoids
  • Syringe with pump action: ensuring the same delivery every pump
  • Diluted with MCT oil

Current range:

1000 mg CBD

Syringe: 10 ml

Wholesale Options:

Reakiro CBD Oil
White Label CBD Oil
Unlabeled CBD Oil

Raw Hemp Extract is our purest form product, with a maximum potency level of phytocannabinoids.

We now offer Raw Hemp Extract in a new more convenient device. The CBD applicator allows a controlled and convenient dosage. With each click, you receive 25mg of CBD Hemp Extract.

Easy serving size: 25mg of CBD Raw Hemp Extract RxPen per click.

Airless Device: The airless applicator keeps raw hemp extract sealed in a vacuum, pure and free from contaminants

Easy for multiple users: Washable parts enables usage by multiple people

Contents: Raw Hemp Extract RxPen Derived CBD 1000 mg

Servings per unit: 40

Industrial Hemp Extract: 225 mg

Cannabinoids (CBD) from Raw Hemp Extract: 25mg

Raw Hemp Extract RxPen

Raw hemp extract RxPEN 1000 mg
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