Development and Production of CBD Cosmetic Products

Step 1. Product Selection

The Client must first decide on the skincare product(s) which they wish to purchase. Are any changes need for the formula? If no, then we use our existing formulas and do not need to conduct formulation, toxicology, and challenge testing. If changes are needed to the formula, please go to the New Formula Development section.

Step 2. Responsible Person

According to EU law all skincare products require a Person of Responsibility and their address/contact details must be on the label of the final product. If Reakiro is the Person of Responsibility there is no charge for a new safety assessment (and no additional lead time, However, Reakiro’s address and email or phone number must be on the label as the Person of Responsibility.

Step 3.  Contract

European skincare regulation requires a simple fulfillment contract that is signed between the Client and supplier, detailing the responsibilities of the parties. For example, the seller cannot make claims or store products in direct sunlight.

A copy of this contact is available upon request. Once the Client confirms the product and quantity they wish to purchase, we can create and sign the contract.

Step 4. Prepayment and Production

As soon as the contract has been signed, the Client can proceed with a 50% prepayment. Over the span of one week, Reakiro will begin mixing the ingredients and sending samples to the laboratory for microbiological testing to confirm product stability. Once the test results are confirmed, the products will be packaged and labeled. Lead time for all processes is approx three weeks and can be conducted in parallel with the creation of new CPSR if the Client has decided to be the Person of Responsibility. The product is then available for shipping to the Client.

Step 5. CPNP Notification

According to regulations, all cosmetic products must be registered on the CPNP (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal) before the sale. Reakiro can provide the service of CPNP registration (this is mandatory if Reakiro is the Responsible Person).

If the Client is the Responsible Person, they can do CPNP registration themselves if preferred.

Labels and Packaging Skincare


If the Client selects to use standard Reakiro packaging, we will have the necessary stocks. No prepayment required.
The Client can provide alternative packaging, however, it must be accompanied by proper certification (provided by the supplier of packaging).
If the Client wishes Reakiro to purchase custom/unique packaging on their behalf, 100% prepayment is required.
Additional considerations will be increased MOQ and lead-time. Packaging from China often carriers MOQ of up to 10,000 units per item with a lead-time of more than 60 days for production and shipping via sea freight.


According to EU regulation, no skincare products can leave the production facility without labels in order to avoid confusion.
Skincare labels are very specific. If there are mistakes, CPNP will not accept them. Therefore all labels much be approved by Reakiro and CPSR before CPNP registration.


If required, Reakiro can provide full design and creative services.  Please discover our White Label Creative Services.

New Formula Development

Reakiro offers the service of new formula development

STEP 1. The Client provides a full brief on what they want, preferably with a benchmark product currently on the market.
STEP 2. Reakiro formulator prepares samples (3 options per SKU).
STEP 3. The Client selects and approves the samples.
STEP 4. All necessary testing according to EU regulations begins (stability, challenge, toxicology, dermatology, etc).
STEP 5. The Client defines the packaging which will be used (part of CPSR) and labels to be made ready.
STEP 6. The Client names a Responsible Person within the EU for placing cosmetics on the market.
STEP 7. For each product, a Cosmetic Product Safety Report is prepared and finalised.

Full-spectrum CBD Skincare Range

According to recent studies, CBD is known to be a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient, a fabulous skincare additive.

Every one of our skincare products is deeply infused with the full spectrum cannabinoid oil, enriching your body with hemp’s natural skincare benefits. To enhance the experience, leaving your skin refreshed, revitalized, and glowing, we’ve combined our special formula with ingredients such as arnica extract, rosemary oil, almond oil, shea butter, and much more.

CBD Skin Care

Zero THC CBD Sport Gels

Reakiro launched a new range called ‘Smart Restart’ containing zero THC, specifically designed for athletes.
The purest form of solubilized CBD feels soothing on the skin and enhances the skin’s ability to fight against inflammation.

CBD Skin Care Zero THC

100% Hemp Oil Skincare Range

Formulated with the simple practice of cold-pressing hemp seeds, this hemp oil skincare range is here to answer all your dermatological needs, naturally. Hemp oil is high in linoleum and oleic acids, which cannot be produced by the body but are fundamental for deep moisturisation which keeps skin young and healthy. For people with all skin types, hemp oil products will help maintain a healthy balance; whether you need to regulate oil production or hydrate dry skin without clogging your pores. Reakiro are experts in all things
hemp and there’s no-one better to kick-start your natural skincare revolution!

Hemp Oil SkinCare

Reakiro White Label Partnership Benefits

  • Individual approach to every customer
  • Fast delivery: up to 5 business days
  • All production inside certified EU manufacturing facilities
  • Guarantee of consistency and stable supply
  • All products tested by respected third party labs for potency, stability & residuals
  • Product specifications and other supporting documents
  • An experienced team of world class professionals
  • Support your go-to-market strategy
  • Guarantee of safety and high quality
  • Merchandising standards and marketing support available
  • Dedicated design team & White Label manufacturing
  • Best in class marketing & merchandising
  • Industry leading CBD products & formulations
  • Only EU APPROVED seeds