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We’re excited to introduce our new product, conceptualised especially with businesses like yours in mind.  This CBD variety selection gives you the choice of three flavours: Peppermint, Blood Orange and Apple Crumble.

In total there are six versions of our premium quality CBD oil, each flavour offered in varying potencies: 300mg, 500mg CBD.

Reakiro is offering 60% discount with the minimum quantity order – 1 BOX (12 units)!

If you’re looking to move into the CBD space, this multi box is a perfect jumping off point. When you partner with us directly we offer a special price of 60% OFF. Additionally, we have created this display box with a retail space in mind – the design will fit in effortlessly and attractively, catching the customer’s eye while complementing your own business.

For customers, this variety and choice gives them the autonomy to be in charge of their own CBD journey, choosing the product that fits their wellness routine in the best way possible. The product is extremely simple to use, each bottle has been fitted with an efficient spray mechanism – making accessibility to the CBD oil quick and straightforward.

Please get in touch if you are interested in this exclusive offer and we will be happy to expand on this conversation, embarking on the next leg of your CBD adventure.

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