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#TheGreenCEO – 6. The future of Cannabis industry

Every week I get asked many questions about the cannabis industry, where it is now? What are the challenges? The future?

I want to answer these questions, from Reakiro.

We will continue to roll out our products internationally as more and more countries adapt legislation to accept CBD.

Globally, more and more people are getting educated about #CBD, but the huge rush impending is in the medical cannabis space.

As more companies invest in medical #cannabis, then we will see an increase in clinical trials. We’ll see massive growth over the next decade as medical professionals move to accept and prescribe such products.

The increase in demand for CBD and cannabis will also mean an increase in plant material which offers huge growth in sustainable carbon-neutral hemp industrial products such as food, cosmetic, fuel, clothing etc. 

Every country can grow #hemp, every country should grow hemp and every country needs to grow hemp. The hemp/cannabis industry really can make a huge change to what the world is screaming out for – helping the planet and the population recover naturally.

The future is green. Reakiro is at the heart of this future after all, Reakiro does means recovery.



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