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5 Tips to Help You Choose The Right CBD Manufacturer

So, you’re thinking about launching a CBD business or a CBD product range within your established business, and this is a great moment to do it. People across the world are becoming more and more conscientious about their health and wellness, and in the past few years, the cannabidiol (CBD) industry has developed in leaps and bounds thanks to pioneering research and manufacturers. Today, CBD is used for a wide variety of conditions and ailments, from sports recovery and improved wellness to reduced anxiety and pain management. There is barely a demographic out there who can not benefit in one way or another from the natural therapeutic properties of plant-based CBD products. Helping people be happier and healthier thanks to the effects of a natural plant-based product is a project which you should be immensely proud of, but there may still be pitfalls and growing pains.

Whether you’re looking to go to market with wholesale products, white label, or private label – the first thing you need to do is find the right manufacturer. But this is easier said than done; due to the largely unregulated nature of the CBD market, there is an abundance of low quality products made by unreputable manufacturers.

Finding the right manufacturer is one of the primary concerns for new CBD businesses. The right manufacturer will make your CBD journey easy, efficient, and beneficial – so we’ve compiled our top five tips to help you find the right CBD manufacturer. 

Top five tips to help you find the right CBD manufacturer


Good CBD needs to be the best from the beginning, and this means using the best strain of cannabis and cultivating it in the optimal environment.

Companies such as Reakiro recognise the importance of prioritising the process of cultivation, this is reflected in the time Reakiro took to research the best strains of hemp for CBD extraction and find the most arable fields in Europe to grow it. By having control and overview of the cultivation process, a manufacturer can offer consistency and full transparency about their operation from seed to shelf. With seed to sale transparency, you can also track the potency of CBD extract and determine the presence of certain phytocannabinoids and terpenes. Additionally, depending on where the hemp plants are grown, as a business partner, you will want to verify what certifications the manufacturer has and which regulations they comply with – which can vary from country to country. Reakiro’s hemp is all grown in compliance with the European Union’s regulations.


When picking a CBD manufacturer, do your research to learn about their extraction process and the transparency of the methods used.

The most complex and expensive part of manufacturing CBD-based products is the extraction process, which is why when you’re getting started in the CBD industry it’s best to pair with a trusted manufacturer who can show you the ropes without incurring the cost of setup and the learning process. However, due to the recent boom in the market, many low-grade operators have seen this moment as a good opportunity to quickly cash in. Consequently, the quality of their product is not of premium grade as they have no intention of making a name in the industry, rather their interests lie in turning over the largest profit in the shortest amount of time. When picking a CBD manufacturer, do your research to learn about their extraction process and the transparency of the methods used. If you have any questions someone from the company should walk you through their methods in detail.


All legitimate CBD manufacturers should obtain and openly supply third party independent laboratory testing certificates.

Throughout this guide to help you find the right CBD manufacturer, we have mentioned the need to make sure the product you’re dealing with is high quality and also consistent. And maybe you are wondering just how you can verify these things before jumping into a partnership. All legitimate CBD manufacturers should obtain and openly supply third party independent laboratory testing certificates which show the dosage and potency of the CBD extract, consistency between batches, suitability for vegans, while also checking for the presence of heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants. These documents are called COAs (Certificates of Analysis). Another aspect to verify is whether your manufacturer is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified, a certification awarded by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for the highest manufacturing practices.


From a less technical standpoint, you will also want to know how the chosen manufacturer’s product performs from the customer’s experience. Reading what people candidly think about CBD products from your chosen manufacturer will be the closest prediction of how your products (wholesale, white label, or private label) will perform when they go to market. Check out review sites such as Trusted Shops where customers can only leave a review after confirmation of buying a product or head to social media so find out how people are reacting.


While you may think you are only looking for a CBD manufacturer to supply you with the core product, launching a CBD business can be quite a complex process so having a partner to guide you through the aspects is invaluable. Perhaps you will seek advice regarding the regulations from country to country, branding and design consultancy, or launch strategy. Pairing with a CBD manufacturer who is prepared to go that extra mile and give a helping hand to a new business in the CBD industry will give you a head start thanks to their own experience and expertise. Excellent customer service is one of the pillars of an excellent business, so understanding how your potential manufacturer interacts with you is a reflection of how they run their operation.

Whichever direction you hope to take your CBD business in, hopefully, this guide will help you find the right manufacturer. Be patient when doing your research and talk to members of the team and get to know them, to learn and understand more about how the company works and the industry operates. Making rushed decisions will not serve well for the future of the business, especially given the ever-evolving and largely unregulated nature of the CBD industry. Nevertheless, finding the correct CBD manufacturer to guide you through your wholesale, white label, or private label venture will make for an exciting and informative journey.

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