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#TheGreenCEO – 2. Cannabis Industry

The CBD industry’s success is simple, it’s because the product works.

Initially, when introduced to hemp and CBD, I laughed and thought of hippies smoking weed, getting high. Only after learning the true history and versatility of the plant, did I truly understand its potential for natural positive change in the world.

Due to the misrepresentation of hemp, when we started our CBD venture there were challenges. Many people had the same reaction as me first, people did not take us seriously.
Now there is a huge wave of consumer demand for natural medicines and remedies, natural wellness is booming. CBD is now going mainstream and it is here to stay.

It’s important to talk about both the highs and the lows, so don’t miss my next #TheGreenCEO about some of my personal cannabis failures.



#TheGreenCEO - 3. Personal Cannabis Failures
#TheGreenCEO - 1. Quality

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