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#TheGreenCEO – 4. Dream

I’ve realised I’m getting old.

Earlier this year, my beautiful daughter Victoria, our firstborn left home for university in the US and in the next few years, my sons will follow a similar path.

Soon it will just be my wife and I at home alone watching them go out into the world and grow into adults.

Saying that there’s so much to look forward to, seeing who they become, their chosen careers, partners and hopefully grandchildren!

But there’s a part of me that’s also scared.

In my twenties, I thought I was indestructible and I would live forever. But in my fifties, I know that’s not the case.

This is why I use Reakiro CBD, to get the maximum quality out of every day and look forward to a long and healthy future.

May I today wish you all also good health and long life which allows you to see and enjoy the wonderful memories you have in front of you.



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